Research Technician for The University of Manchester

I worked for Angela Straathof on her post-doctoral research with Dr. Franciska de Vries. Research TechnicianThe BBSRC funded research aims to understand how root-exudate C drives the structure and activity of the soil microbial community, and how plants modify the nature of their exudates when they experience drought and warming. My role included laboratory, greenhouse and field work, with data processing, project management and writing tasks.

Laboratory Technician for The University of Manchester

I worked for JocellLaboratory Technicianyn Lavalle in a NERC Soil Security Programme project investigating the stability of the soil system in the face of land use and climate change. This mainly lab based role also included field work to collect gas and biomass samples. I worked closely and effectively with a large team of academics and students in Richard Bardgett’s Soil and Ecosystem Ecology Lab.

South West Peak Breeding Wader Research Intern for The RSPBHalloween at the RSPB Coombes Reserve

A Heritage Lottery funded partnership seeking to understand, value and conserve the South West Peak. My role included collating, interpreting and analysing data from a variety of sources, including 30 years of breeding bird surveys. Partnership working, project management, report writing, and GIS use were also important components.


MSc Dissertation Research Project

Dormouse locomotion research enclosures

A characterisation of whisker use in dormouse, Muscardinus avellanarius, locomotion, climbing and gap-crossing. Under the supervision of Dr Robyn Grant, I completed data collection at a nature park, and used specialist software to process and analyse high speed and trail camera footage.


WrEN Field Assistant for University of Stirling and Forest Research.WrEN field assistant

Woodland Creation & Ecological Networks (the WrEN project) is a collaboration of academics, policy makers and practitioners interested in ecological restoration. Using an experimental approach to provide evidence which will underpin future conservation efforts to create and enhance ecological networks for wildlife.

MSc Research Project

Small mammal research in MullMammal species assemblage across a habitat gradient in rural Mull. This mini project sampled the species presence and abundance in a garden, an extensively managed grassland, and a mature plantation.


BSc DissertationHimalayan balsam

How does elevated copper levels in soil affect the growth of Impatiens glandulifera, and is it suitable for phytoremediation?


Caer Llan field tripBSc field trip project.

Increasing the biodiversity and productivity of a farm in North Wales.


Project assistant for Professor Mark Langan. Applying treatment to green house plants

I helped plan and set up the experiment including applying treatments to three grass species. I cared for the plants then harvested and helped to analyse them.