Notes on Novelty – April to July

At the start of the year, I set myself the goal of trying at least one new thing each month. Six months in, I have a tidy list of new experiences and skills, and fond memories of the people I met along the way.

April: I designed and ran my first ever puzzle hunt (which also happened to be the first ever event I’ve run entirely on my own, based outside of work/education). For more, see my earlier post here.

May: I gave my first presentation on my own research – it may only have been to the 5 people of an interview panel, but it’s still a first for me. All my previous presentations have been group work, or based on general topics rather than my own work. I wrote about the experience here.

June: While at the RSPB Hay Day, I learnt to use a scythe to cut grass the traditional way.

July: With a lovely friend from work called Ully, I went to the Leeds Tattoo Expo – my first tattoo expo and actually my first real convention (I’ve decided the UCAS Higher Education Fair definitely doesn’t count). Neither of us got any new ‘ink’ done, but it was fascinating to see the process up close, and there was some stunning artwork on show (both displayed on stalls, and walking around on peoples skin). We also met up with some friends of Ully’s from Edinburgh, who had a stall at the expo.


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