Victory at Puzzle Hunt 2

The day started off very soggy which unfortunately dissuaded a few people from making the trip to town. Nevertheless, we had a good enough turnout to just about cover the website costs.

This hunt began in Victoria Train station – it had been planned before the attack on the arena (which is adjoined to the station). We decided to postpone for a week, for obvious reasons, and happily I noticed that none of us were scared or preoccupied with rubbernecking in the station.

This hunt was created by Aidan, who attended my hunt last month. The clues were great and had a very professional layout – we were all impressed.

The route took us around the Northern Quarter, including to a few quirky shops and examples of beautiful architecture we wouldn’t have otherwise noticed. We stopped for a snack here and a drink there, often bumping into the other team, which was handled with all good humour. It certainly isn’t a cut-throat competitive group.

One clue took us to the beautiful new bee mural on Oldham street, painted with 22 bees as a tribute to the 22 people who lost their lives in the Ariana Grande attack. Not that I spent much time looking at it, far too busy desperately trying to work out what a magic eye puzzle said. I’m normally very good at them, but this had 3 rows and 4 columns of numbers on an A4 sheet – that’s quite a lot of detail for a magic eye!

Half an hour and a headache later we headed to the next clue. Sudoku, semaphore, a riddle, a rebus and codes all played a part in this entertaining race, and to my surprise even clues left out in the open weren’t moved or stolen by the public.

We headed to a pub afterwards to play around with some ideas for future hunts, and laugh at ourselves for the inevitable frustrations of the day. All in, a great way to spend 4 hours on a Saturday. Hopefully there will be enough interest for me to keep the group going for a while.



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