My dormouse research presentation, and a cheeky published paper

I ventured into Liverpool on Friday for a PhD interview for this project, at the Institute of Integrative Biology. I was pleasantly surprised by the city, and I did get to see a few of the sites on my walk to and from the car.

I had to give a presentation on my MSc research project. I’ve whipped up a quick video of what I said:

Through looking back into my masters research and the topic of dormouse vibrissae and locomotion in general, I came across a recently published paper by my MSc supervisor, Dr Robyn Grant. I was a little shocked to find the paper is a continuation of my work! Using one of my methodologies, some very similar wording and even some of my data and images.

I’m happy my work proved useful, and the topic warranted further study, but I can’t help feeling a little annoyed that I wasn’t involved in writing the paper. I did receive an acknowledgement, but it woefully understates my role. I’m confident I could have made a valuable contribution – in fact, I noticed an error in my very first read through!

Whisker touch screen grab

Screenshot of the recently published paper. I can’t upload the whole paper as it isn’t open source.

I’m told this situation arises fairly frequently in the world of academic publishing, after all, there is more and more pressure on researchers to churn out papers. Still, I plan to email Robyn to register my annoyance. Just because something happens a lot, doesn’t mean it should.


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