I …*REALLY* Like Conservation!

I’ve been an editor/contributor for a multi-platform conservation blog for almost a year now, posting two stories a week. It’s called “I Fucking Love Conservation”, and posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So far we have concentrated on disseminating information through re-posting articles and descriptions of conservation projects, and posting news. But having decided to expand and create our own original content too, we’ve launched a new website! It went live earlier today, and I’m really excited about the greater scope for creativity, and trying my hand at writing longer articles.

So have a look, and see if you can spot me in any of the photos!

The issue of the name is one my dad and one of my (more conservative) friends have brought up so I’ll address it briefly here. We decided to follow the same format as the hugely successful “I Fucking Love Science”, which has succeeded in bringing science to a wider audience than any blog before. As noted in the dictionary, fucking is now commonly used as an intensifier, and by the very nature of it being a swear word, is very attention grabbing. It’s also worth noting that this page is aimed at adults; the tone of writing, level of scientific detail, and the content itself is all targeted towards an adult audience. Obviously educating and inspiring children about conservation is an important task, but is outside the remit of our blog, and is no doubt being done elsewhere much better than we could hope to achieve anyway. I really hope it doesn’t cause anyone offence.




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