The Canadian Blunder

It’s been a while since my last post, mostly because things have not gone to plan… at all. I was hoping for the situation to be fully resolved before I updated but that doesn’t seem to be imminent.

Unfortunately, two weeks before I was due to go to Canada, the University of Saskatchewan cancelled on me (by email and without a single apology I should add). It turns out they had completely messed up the hiring process with regards to immigration laws, and so an incoming project assistant was refused entry at the airport and deported. They received a warning, but further instances would have led to large fines, so they rescinded their offer of employment to me. Having spent months planning for this, buying the equipment and clothing needed, booking flights and accommodation for my first night in Saskatoon, I was absolutely furious.

I have exchanged a few emails with the project leader and head of the department, who have both admitted the university is the one at fault, and I am not responsible – yet they haven’t yet sorted out any reimbursement of my large financial outlay.  At this moment, I am waiting for a response from Jeff Lane or Ken Wilson. I was promised a reply over a month ago, and have since sent another email to both. It is safe to say therefore, that I am still a little furious. Not only because of the money for flights, but also because I spent the nearly three months from their offer of employment until they cancelled, not looking for other jobs or opportunities! As an early career conservationist, that is a long time to have wasted.


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