January Highlights

Christmas, new years and my birthday were the usual busy and enjoyable times. Aside from that, the past few months have mostly been occupied with continuing the breeding wader research. The partnerships main priority at the moment is to write a PhD research proposal, and to iron out the funding and logistical issues of that particular outcome option. Along with writing that, I’m still conducting statistical and spatial analysis, which is how I came to be using both my personal and RSPB laptops simultaneously this morning. The RSPB laptop has ArcGIS but not R (and I don’t have the admin rights to download it); mine has Rstudio but no GIS. The RSPB laptop is (predictably) old and clunky whereas my fairly new laptop has some interesting gesture controls which I am just about used to, so switching between them quickly felt a bit like trying to pat my head and rub my tummy at the same time!

My highlights of the year so far are squeezing in some lovely walks with the family, and helping to rescue a very affectionate lost kitten called Barney who turned up on our reserve. He was so desperate for cuddles he wouldn’t stay away from Mel when we shut him in the office to wait for his owners.


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