Beautiful Views Across The Peaks

I spent weekends and holidays as a child at my dad’s in the High Peak. I’m sure all those afternoons playing in the fields, discovering plants and animals first hand, probably played a big role in me developing such an enduring love of nature and being outdoors. So even before living there as an adult, the area always held a special place in my heart. I haven’t managed to spend that much time out enjoying it over the past few years though, thanks to university and living elsewhere for jobs.

Which leads me to an unexpected by-product of my having to commute for my internship;  driving past the incredible scenery in different weather and with different light as the nights draw in has made me fall in love with the area all over again.

My roles for Forest Research around Northampton, and for Thomson around Guildford both involved time outdoors in nature, or driving down country lanes and visiting cute little villages – but none of them had the effect on me that dusk across the Peak District did on really seeing it for the first time in years.

Here’s a few examples of that beauty, courtesy of my dad, Gordon Langridge.


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