Fields full of fieldwork and a new challenge with the RSPB

After a few months of fairly easy going freelance ecology work and time spent concentrating on back rehab and exercise, it’s suddenly been all go for me. I spent a week in Yorkshire helping out with the fieldwork for a University of Manchester PhD investigating grazing regimes and nutrient cycling, then went straight to a family camping trip in Derbyshire.

The next day I started a research internship with the RSPB, concentrating on breeding wader bird numbers across the South West Peak. Working from Coombes Reserve and the Peak District National Park Authority office in Bakewell, I’ll be using data from years of past surveys, GIS and statistical analysis to better understand the population and productivity of lapwings in the South West Peak and to inform a breeding wader project for the Landscape Partnership Scheme.

Working within the RSPB has already been an enlightening experience and I am excited to meet more people, take part in training and really understand the inner workings of such a large conservation organisation. The issue of declining wader bird numbers across the Peak District is a complicated one which I will no doubt go into in more detail in subsequent posts but for now I am still reading up and getting my head around the problem.


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