Thieving flora

I was conducting bat tree inspections recently, using an A frame ladder. We had a fair few trees to inspect so after completing one I would check it off the list and slide the pen back into my trouser pocket, with the clip on the outside for easy retrieval next time.

One particular tree was halfway up an uneven slope, and covered in well established ivy. The only stable spot for the ladder was butt up against the trunk meaning I to fight my way under a few thick ivy strands on the way up. After a fruitless inspection I slithered back down the ladder, scuffing my coat against the tree all the way down.

I spent a few minutes at the next tree searching all my (many) pockets for the pen but came up empty handed, so we retraced our steps, again to no avail. I was just about to give up when I glanced up the trunk of the ivy covered tree to see my pen dangling from a thin strand just above head height.

I had a good giggle, and wondered what the next person to find it would have thought, if I hadn’t spotted it. It would probably still be there, gently swaying in the breeze if it hadn’t been a white pen!


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