From Habitual To Professional

It’s been all go for me recently. I’ve had a PhD interview in Belfast, left one job and started another, and moved a few hundred miles down south.

My new role is as a graduate ecologist for Thomson Ecology. It’s a great company and I get to do a job I enjoy, so I’m very excited. Once my intensive training is complete I’ll spend this summer mostly doing protected species surveys, phase 1 surveys, mitigation/translocation works and the odd bit of office admin (but they’ve warned us to expect to basically spend the next 6 months outdoors). I love being outdoors and I love ecology but there is a very slight tinge of sadness for me, as I know I am leaving behind any original research, at least for a few years, while I see this through.

Hopefully the problem solving, innovative thinking and endless curiosity I so enjoyed using in research will still be put to good use at Thomson. Problems or changes always creep up in field work and I’ll still need to ensure accurate data and efficient methodologies. They’ve shown us some great innovative uses of technology already, and as well as being open to change, appear to be very supportive of staff. From my previous job, I know just how important it is to like the people and the company you work with, so I am very happy to have found my way to Thomson. If I continue to climb the ladder here, maybe one day I can persuade them to let me introduce some original research into the mix!

One more big plus for me is that I flew over to Belfast, and I appear to have successfully conquered my fear of flying. Next up: fear of heights, so I can get better on the climbing wall and maybe learn tree climbing for work.


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