The owl and the Felis catus

Question is, what species is the owl?

A few years ago, I made the wedding cake for my mums “The Owl and the Pussycat” themed wedding. It’s probably the one creative thing I most proud of, and it tasted pretty good too.

I’ve never had any training in cake baking or decorating, but I am good with my hands and pick up new skills easily. I actually offered to make the cake as part of my mums birthday present a good 6 months before the big day. Don’t think it was a cop-out gift though, the ingredients (including a big bottle of rum) for such a large cake, plus the decorating tools and ingredients weren’t cheap.

I baked the cake with the help of a friend, some 6 weeks before so it could mature and be fed with the rum left over from the initial recipe. I did practice a couple of the hardest components, such as the cake toppers, but for most of it I just read up on techniques online, or watched youtube videos,  then winged it on the day. I started the cake two days before the wedding and spent about 16 hours on just the decoration.


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