Productive procrastination

I absolutely love science; and not just the kind of ‘pop science’ you see doing the rounds on social networking sites, even the bona fide grunt work, the dry statistical analysis, the muddy fieldwork, the fiddly monotonous lab work – I love it all. I do also have a creative side though, and it occasionally needs to breathe. During my masters, I couldn’t really justify spending a lot of time on none career orientated things, so I developed something I like to think of as productive procrastination. During the short breaks I gave myself to maintain sanity, I would complete little creative projects.

Anyone who knows me, knows I do quite like a bit of TV, so I won’t pretend it wasn’t also on in the background. But, I’ve never enjoyed the feeling of not being productive, which is why I set about not just making things, but making things for a reason – most of these projects were gifts or birthday cards etc.


One thought on “Productive procrastination

  1. I do this as well! You are very creative and giving those things as gifts is a great idea.

    BTW, thanks for following my blog. It’s nice to find someone with similar interests!



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